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7 am - Pushermania's Playlist
9 am - Fat Laces Radio
11 am - Blues and Jazz with the Pizza Man
1 pm - The Michael Danger Show
3 pm - Break Down the Walls

Pushermania's Playlist IMG_0973 PIZZAMAN LOGO_KAOS Danger Show Walls_v2

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The Night People 09/01/2014_2

The Night People - 120:02 minutes (109.9 MB)

The Cutler, Leggo Beast, Bullitnuts & more!

The Night People 09/01/2014_1

The Night People - 120:01 minutes (109.88 MB)

The Cutler, Leggo Beast, Bullitnuts & more!

MousePresentsHeavy edition of Mosh Pit Hell by MPH with the Doormouse, DMF

MousePresentsHeavy edition of Mosh Pit Hell - 122:27 minutes (112.11 MB)


MPH brings metal punk and hardcore into KAOS as the mosh pit hell with the doormouse, dmf. #MousePresentsHeavy celebrates your faith host's birthday week with a look into the chaos that is his mind spanning from classic Iron Maiden, Testament, the Bouncing Soils, Sepultura, Death & Athiest, neo-classics from Soilwork, Zao, Boysetsfire, Living Sacrifice, Dark Tranquility & Cryptopsy along with a few new cuts by the likes of Rise Against & Opeth. Find out more about one of his favorite music organizations & the mystery of how he became a metalhead. Don't forget to follow @MPHnoise on your fave SocNet so you don't end up missing pure headbanging!

FatLaces with the Superstardjs

Fat Laces Radio - 120:01 minutes (109.88 MB)

Pure Underground for Your Labor Day Weekend!

Break Down the Walls - Show 5 by Ant Money to Celebrate the 3 Day Weekend!

Break Down the Walls Episode 05 - August 30 2014 - 119:54 minutes (137.22 MB)


The Fifth installment of Break Down The Walls with Ant Money from August 30, 2014. On tonight's show Ant Money spins some music to celebrate the 3 Day Weekend! Catch some special 3 song blocks and enjoy your extended weekend.
Connect with us at and leave comments, shoutouts, and requests!

Erroneous O'Shaughnessy Experience

Erroneous O'Shaughnessy Experience - 93:06 minutes (85.24 MB)

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Adventures in Tacoland

Adventures in Tacoland - 120:03 minutes (109.91 MB)


Against the Grain

Against the Grain - 84:08 minutes (77.03 MB)


Meat Man

Meat Man - 120:04 minutes (109.93 MB)

Meat Man slingin punk

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